The perfect food processors for your kitchen

Since food processors became all the rage, we have forgotten our kitchen woes! But before we marvel further on this very important kitchen aid to men and women all around the world, let’s go in retrospect and pay a little respect to the first person who invented this.
As information goes, the first electric food processor was introduced in the market by Starmix, a German company in the year 1946. Their basic invention looked somewhat like a blender but with multiple accessories attached. This included attachments for milk centrifuges and shredding bread etc. Interesting, right?
Since then numerous experimentation have been done with this simple yet modern invention. Today, we can proudly say we have some of the greatest adaptations of Starmix. One of such variations made is “food choppers” which are basically food processors that come in a smaller size. They are designed to chop food and do simple acts, then making a smoothie for example. Still convenient, depending on what you’re looking for!
If slicing chopping, mixing, blending and whisking is the ultimate time taking nuisance of your life, then you need to invest in a proper food processor. Now it is a given, that while all of them allege faster and chef-like customization in food preparation – allowing a production of fine slices of cucumber or magically whisked egg whites – however if you look at it, the truth is far from it.
So we have decided to narrow down and researched a range of rival companies in bringing you, what we believe cuts the mark. The following machines are the two food processor reviews that have been checked on their versatility, efficiency of attachments and their ability to make cakes, curries, salads, and sauces within a stipulated time.

Magimix 5200XL: from £282

This makes it to number one primarily because of its quiet yet excellent functionality. Jamie Oliver has used the word Magimix to resonate on the first ever processor made by a German company called, Starmix – also a reminder that this brand has been one of the first ever models made in the UK.
This mean-machine has been designed keeping in mind those keen cooks; it works gently and it’s brilliant ability to cut through large portions of edibles, makes it an excellent choice. It also boasts of a 13-accessory attachment that comes fitted with every processor – including an egg whisk, a citrus press and three varying sizes of bowls for better customization.


It is unbelievably heavy and would up the mark if it had variable speeds.

KitchenAid Artisan 4L Food Processor: £350, John Lewis

This is termed as the maestro of all food processors! To put it simply: owning one is equivalent to having your own private sous chef. This large capacity machine can not only slice, chop, grate, and mix, but also whisk, whip and knead. Not all machines have the ability to do that – so we are talking about the real deal here!
It embraces all such features with finesse and sheer ease. It is particularly lauded for being able to alter slicing thickness along with the different feeding tubes.