Natural Gas Grill or Charcoal Grill

Everyone who has ever held a barbeque or attended a barbeque knows how important a good grill is for a barbeque. The way it is cooked, the time it takes to cook and the quality of the cooked food depend a lot on the type of grill used and its quality too. Barbeques are a great way to bring the family together so it is important that the real base of the barbeque is a good and decent one to make sure that people will come to the next one you host.

There will always be people who want to feel that the charcoal grills are of superior quality and that they will always do better than gas grills when it comes to any sort of cooking and then you will also have a group of people who will say the same about gas grills. Some of the main differences you see on either side is the time it takes to clean them afterwards, length of time it takes to cook them and the overall taste of the product that you get from either type of grill. Another group of aspects that can help decide which type of grill is better for you is safety, convenience, flavor and cost in it.

Charcoal grills

One thing to get out of the way from the start is the price. Undoubtedly, gas grills will almost always cost more than charcoal grills when talking about the same range of features. A gas grill has more going on it that makes it worth spending the extra cash on. Charcoal grills have some starter types which can be bought for very little money. By little I mean as low as $30. They are known as the hibachi type which are very good if you do not own a backyard or have very limited space to cook in. Normal charcoal grills can cost between $80 and $130 depending on your needs and can even go up to $500 or more depending on what brands you look at and how many extra features you look at too. The middle range is still considered good quality and also last a long time as well.

Natural gas grills

Now natural gas burners are a little different breed of burners. They usually start at around $399 or $500 and can go up to a staggering $14000 if you have the cash for it. Gas grills go up in cost with every added feature and you will need to give them a little more care than charcoal grills. You will need to get a cover for it if you live in a place where the sun is always shining or it rains a lot otherwise the grill is going to get damaged sooner than you think. Gas grills come with usually 4 or 5 burners, side tables, warmer ovens and even mini refrigerators if you are up for spending the cash on best gas grills check my source.

These are some of the differences a charcoal grill and a natural gas grill can have with each other and they should be enough for a person to decide whether they need a charcoal grill or a natural gas grill.

The perfect food processors for your kitchen

Since food processors became all the rage, we have forgotten our kitchen woes! But before we marvel further on this very important kitchen aid to men and women all around the world, let’s go in retrospect and pay a little respect to the first person who invented this.
As information goes, the first electric food processor was introduced in the market by Starmix, a German company in the year 1946. Their basic invention looked somewhat like a blender but with multiple accessories attached. This included attachments for milk centrifuges and shredding bread etc. Interesting, right?
Since then numerous experimentation have been done with this simple yet modern invention. Today, we can proudly say we have some of the greatest adaptations of Starmix. One of such variations made is “food choppers” which are basically food processors that come in a smaller size. They are designed to chop food and do simple acts, then making a smoothie for example. Still convenient, depending on what you’re looking for!
If slicing chopping, mixing, blending and whisking is the ultimate time taking nuisance of your life, then you need to invest in a proper food processor. Now it is a given, that while all of them allege faster and chef-like customization in food preparation – allowing a production of fine slices of cucumber or magically whisked egg whites – however if you look at it, the truth is far from it.
So we have decided to narrow down and researched a range of rival companies in bringing you, what we believe cuts the mark. The following machines are the two food processor reviews that have been checked on their versatility, efficiency of attachments and their ability to make cakes, curries, salads, and sauces within a stipulated time.

Magimix 5200XL: from £282

This makes it to number one primarily because of its quiet yet excellent functionality. Jamie Oliver has used the word Magimix to resonate on the first ever processor made by a German company called, Starmix – also a reminder that this brand has been one of the first ever models made in the UK.
This mean-machine has been designed keeping in mind those keen cooks; it works gently and it’s brilliant ability to cut through large portions of edibles, makes it an excellent choice. It also boasts of a 13-accessory attachment that comes fitted with every processor – including an egg whisk, a citrus press and three varying sizes of bowls for better customization.


It is unbelievably heavy and would up the mark if it had variable speeds.

KitchenAid Artisan 4L Food Processor: £350, John Lewis

This is termed as the maestro of all food processors! To put it simply: owning one is equivalent to having your own private sous chef. This large capacity machine can not only slice, chop, grate, and mix, but also whisk, whip and knead. Not all machines have the ability to do that – so we are talking about the real deal here!
It embraces all such features with finesse and sheer ease. It is particularly lauded for being able to alter slicing thickness along with the different feeding tubes.

Features of a Good Blender

Blender is a kitchen appliance that grinds food items to a liquid consistency. We can use the blender for fruit smoothies in breakfast, creamy soups in dinner, and in the night for homemade margaritas. Blenders are available in plastic, glass, and steel. You can be creative with the blender and try on different ingredients and textures and make delicious smoothies in the blender. To learn more about smoothies you can read smoothie blender buyers guide & many more. There are many varieties in blenders: one blender is better at crushing ice while another is good for just mixing batters or making soups. Since the blender is so important these days than before buying we must consider the following factors:

The Motor

In the blender, the most important thing is the motor which must be at least 500 watts of power. Blender strength depends upon the power of the motor as the motor turns thick and hard food materials into paste or a soft form. Ordinary blender of low watts is not capable of managing few ice cubes in the jar while a powerful one can do the job tremendously.

The Blades

The blades are a vital part of the blender as they process the food items. In ordinary blenders, the blades sometime break off due to low quality materials and assembly. Strong blades however; are capable of chopping down virtually everything jug. In these blenders, wave action is created and the entire stuff is dissolved or mixed downwards in the jar as the blades spin.

The Jug

Jug is also an important part of the blender and they can be made up of plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Plastic blender jar is generally cheaper as compare to the glass one. However, plastic is generally not considered to be a healthy option and hence glass blender jars are a preferable option health wise. Glass jars being expensive and fragile are not so common and rather ultra hard co-polymer is used for superior quality blenders which is neither plastic nor glass.

The Drive System

Last thing you have to be vigilant about the bender is its drive system. The drive system comprises on the bottom of the jug that attaches to the base. Metal is considered to be better and long lasting as compared to plastic. In order to maintain the performance of the machine and motor while running the blades, do not rely upon plastic and ensure you get a blender with a metal drive system so that there is lesser wear and tear.

Different types and Top 3 stovetop pressure cookers

Pressure cooker is a very useful appliance that is quickly becoming popular in modern kitchens of today. Their popularity is mainly because of their fast cooking. A pressure cooker uses simple laws of physics to cook food 70% faster and using less energy than conventional cooking techniques. You can read pressure cooker buyer’s guide to learn more about pressure cookers. Here is a list of top 3 stovetop pressure cookers:


Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker:

  1.   Swiss made Kuhn Rikon offers a generous capacity of 7 quarts.
  2.   It is made from very strong 18/10 stainless steel with a base of aluminum core. The aluminum base ensures uniform heat transfer and faster cooking.
  3.   Its spring pressure valve diminishes the noise from the cooker and offers an improved pressure regulation.
  4.   It comes with 2 safety vents for the release of steam if pressure goes beyond the preset levels. This ensures safety of the user as well the kitchen.
  5.   It comes with an automatic locking lid to ensure further safety.
  6.   It is easy to clean but not dishwasher safe.
  7.   The manufacturer offers a 10 year warranty with the product.

All American 921:

  1.   USA made All American 921 features a strong aluminum construction which assists in uniform and fast heating.
  2.   It has a 21.5 quart capacity that is suitable for pressure canning as well. It is designed for canning 19 pint jars or 7 quart sized jars.
  3.   It does not use gaskets to seal the container. Instead it uses metal-to-metal sealing with high gauge screws. Hence you do not have to worry about replacing the gasket.
  4.   It comes with 3 pressure settings: 5, 10 and 15 psi.
  5.   It has 2 automatic venting mechanisms, the safety control valve and the over-pressure plug, to provide with maximum safety.
  6.   It has a smooth finish and is easy to clean but is not dishwasher safe.
  7.   The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty with the product.

Fissler Vitaquick Pressure Cooker:

  1.   This German made pressure cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel with a base of aluminum core just like in Kuhn Rikon.
  2.   Aluminum base provides faster and uniform heating.
  3.   This cooker is dishwasher safe unlike the other two varieties.
  4.   Spring-loaded Euromatic valve provides a safe escape path for the steam without the pressure going beyond preset values.
  5.   It has a self-locking lid which makes a click sound and a color display that switches when the lid is closed properly. This ensures that the lid is properly closed and the user does not make a mistake.
  6.   It is one of the few cookers that can actually reach 15 PSI.
  7.   Fissler offers a lifetime warranty on the individual parts of the cooker.

Types of Pressure Cookers

Two types of pressure cookers are available in the market: electric pressure cooker and stovetop pressure cooker. Electric pressure cookers are newer more advanced varieties that offer more functionality and convenience as compared to stovetop models. However, some people including some well known chefs still prefer stovetop models over electric models due to some obvious reasons. The most prominent among these is the ability of stovetop models to reach higher maximum pressures and temperatures.