About Us

It all began as a young girl in my mother’s garden learning the different names of flowers. I remember the first flower name that I set to memory was campanula persificola. It was in the garden with my mother that the love of flowers, gardening and creativity was planted in my heart. This love that unites both gardening and creating beautiful functional and decorative pottery is the inspiration for My Mother’s Garden Pottery. All of my unique one-of-a-kind pottery pieces are created out of stoneware clay in my home studio, where each piece is designed with much joy and attention to detail. I usually start my creative process with a walk through my garden gathering different flowers, vines and leaves to incorporate into my work. I believe that just about anything found in nature is full of its own innate beauty. Over the years, I have hand formed my own collection of stamps and textures created from objects found in nature’s plentiful bounty. My work starts out as either a slab of clay or wheel thrown piece that is then formed and designed into the many different treasures that I make for the home and garden. I never really know what I am going to create or how it will be designed. I just go into my home studio and let the creative process evolve in its own way. I love looking at the completed pieces and seeing how each cycle of the creative process changes. With this ever-changing creativity, nothing ever comes out the same. Each piece is then set to dry for around one week and then fired in the kiln to reach a bisque state. Then comes the time to envision and choose which colors each piece will be glazed. I try to imagine which colors will stand out and provide a sense of beauty in my customer’s home or garden. After each piece has been glazed, it must go into the kiln for one more final firing before it is ready to stand out in the world. My Mother’s Garden Pottery offers functional stoneware for the home including mugs, bowls, plates, trays , trinket dishes , inspirational heirloom gifts and garden decor including birdhouses, birdbaths and feeders , toad abode frog houses and garden goddess planters .